Desh Upodesh Limited was founded in 1979 as a Private Limited company with a group of highly qualified Professionals who are experts in the fields of engineering, architecture, and economic development involving engineering and technological inputs. The company provides professional consultancy services for government, private sector, International and for multi-lateral financing agencies all over the country. It provides services across a broad spectrum of disciplines, offering comprehensive advisory services based on specific engineering know how.

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The Firm has attracted a retinue of Bangladeshi Professionals with excellent qualifications and has acquired profound in-depth knowledge of the needs, circumstances and technical know-how in the context of Bangladesh. Some of them have also gathered wide-ranging experiences globally and are familiar with technologies advancements.
DUL adheres to high levels of standard Professional practice in conformation with Professional and Ethical standards. The firm maintains and adheres to all laws of the land - prevalent company and labor laws and efforts are taken to ensure safe and hygienic work environment.

Area of Expertise

Desh Upodesh Ltd.: has extensive experience in a number of fields, working in Bangladesh, K.S.A. and Bhutan. With professionalism in approach, it has earned a reputation for excellence in a number of sectors, particularly in Transportation, Roads and Highways, Port, Infrastructure Development, Agriculture, Livestock, Rural and Urban Development, Water Supply and Sanitation, and Water Resources Management.

Many of the major projects were financed by ADB, WB, IDA, CFTC, UNDP, IFAD, NDF and USAID.

Service Provided

Project identification, formulation and design; Project appraisal; Surveys, Investigations and Feasibility Studies; Preliminary, Development and Detailed Design; Bill of Quantities, Cost Estimates and Tender Documents; Execution design drawings; Project Management and Monitoring; Supervision of Construction; Inspection and advice on Repair and Maintenance; Manpower Training and Transfer of Technology; Institutional Development

DUL works together with clients at all levels from preparing strategies to developing practical plans; oversee adherence to Local Codes and Standards of Practice - and where necessary, follow International Codes.
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Organization and Resource

Desh Upodesh Ltd (DUL) maintains its corporate head office (7000 sft) and Project Offices, with substantial modern hardware & software facilities along with adequate skilled professionals to run them. DUL developed close communication with all its offices for quality work execution & data sharing. DUL possesses adequate mapping, drawing and engineering survey equipment / appliances, reproduction / copier and other essential facilities. DUL also maintains transport vehicles for Home and Site.

Current Board of Directors: Engr. Md Abdul Majid, Chairman, Md. Moniruzzaman, Managing Director, Delwar Hossain Khan, Director

DUL has sustainable staff of professionals of various disciplines. Most of them are highly qualified, experienced and skilled with wide knowledge of relevant modern technologies. Also DUL has contractual arrangement with several independent consultants/specialized individual experts from, member of professional bodies, academic institutions and research organizations who work as Associates in specific projects.

Desh Upodesh Ltd. Believes in cost effective quality output.