Socio-Economic Study, EIA and detail Engineering Survey and Investigation & Engineering Design under Ground Water Management and TPP for Survey, Investigation and Feasibility Study in Upazilla and Growth Centre Level Pourashavas having no Piped Water Supply System

1. Socio-impact assessment (SIA) baseline survey (carrying out extensive field survey, design and plan needs assessment and FGD surveys of communities, identify future probable social negative impact and social imbalances, develop social impact assessment report from peoples’ response, propose mitigation measure for the people evicted by land acquisition, participate in training program and workshop)  in the Pourashava.
2. Environmental-impact assessment (EIA) baseline survey (Collecting data and information on environmental impact of project after implementation of the sub­ project, collecting opinions, data and information from the beneficiaries for assessment of environmental impact, recommending and preparing different mitigation measures on adverse or negative environmental impact of the project implementation as per opinions of the beneficiaries, preparing reports) in the Pourashava
3. Carry out hydro-geological investigation in the Pourashava under technical guidelines and supervision from 'Mathematical Modelling and Detail Survey & Investigation Consultant' group
4. Carry out data collection, processing and furnishing processed data to the 'Mathematical Modelling and Detail Survey & Investigation Consultant' group for resource assessment & abstraction potential studies.
5. Identify and formulate infrastructural interventions found suitable according to the model study and the type recommended and formulated by the community.
6. Holding field level workshops with the community on the infrastructure interventions identified and share information to determine the ones found acceptable to them.
7. Detail engineering design, drawing and technical specification of infrastructural interventions for water supply, drainage, solid waste management components, sewer system, composting of waste using parameters furnished by model study and as per social findings for water supply & environmental sanitation goals.
8. Preparation of master plan for each pourashava for water supply, sanitation and drainage.
9. Preparation of operation and maintenance manuals for components of water supply and environmental sanitation (sewerage, drainage and solid waste management).
10 Preparation of program based common rate schedule with analysis and technical specification of the project related infrastructures.
11 Preparation of training modules and manuals (design, operation and maintenance) for components of water supply and environmental sanitation (sewerage, drainage and solid waste management).
12 Evaluate the economic benefit/ loss, calculate internal rate of return and carryout sensitivity analysis