About Us

Desh Upodesh Limited
was founded in 1979 as a Private Limited company with a group of highly Professionals who are experts in the fields of engineering, architecture, and economic development involving engineering and technological inputs. The company provides professional consultancy services of government, private sector, and international and in or multi-lateral financing agencies all over the country. It provides services across a broad spectrum of disciplines, offering comprehensive advisory services solidly based on specific engineering know now.

DUL has a substantial staff of engineer and skilled in the design development & construction management monitoring of Highway, Transport and traffic engineering solution, architectural and civil engineering design, water resources development, detail design of drainage and sewerage system and economic studies, human resources and institutional development with the financial assistance form the World Bank, ADB, DFID, Danida and donor agencies.

Desh Upodesh Limited cover a wide range of activities including pre investment and feasibility studies, architectural and engineering design, water resources development, economic evaluation, contract documentation, construction supervision in all developmental sectors with special emphasis on the following:

• Transportation;
• Irrigation and Water Resources Development;
• Infrastructure Development;
• Architectural, Engineering design and Electro-mechanical works for multi-discipline Building Solution;

Service Provided

• Project identification, formulation and design
• Project appraisal
• Surveys
• Preliminary investigation
• Feasibility report
• Preliminary Design
• Costing and tendering consultancy
• Execution design
• Execution drawings
• Checking of design
• Project management
• Construction consultancy
• Project monitoring
• Supervision of construction and implementation
• Inspection and advice on repair and maintenance
• Manpower training programmes
• Institution development